Treating Impotence With Penile Implants

Impotence itself causes whatever loss in size you suffer. There is no loss in capacity as a result of the implant. Once you have an implant, there is no more shrinkage. This can be considered good but can be unappealing in some patients where the penis dangles irregularly. I want to remind those bothered by this: we an implantors are not in the business of making penises look good while soft.

Device failure is a reality with any implanted material like our body parts that eventually fail. Research the stats for all specific implants and decide whether or not they are acceptable to you. The positive news is that penile implants are only revised if they break and thankfully that is uncommon.

In the hands of experience implantors, the complications are infrequent. I have witnessed an era of mere morbidity free penile implantation due to the dedication to education seen in academic and corporate circles.

Unsightly pump placement can be a complication of the surgery or developed after surgery. More severe implantors understand proper pump placement. However, even when placed correctly, a pump can ride up. The patient must keep the pump in the appropriate position during the immediate post-operative period.

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Thankfully rates of infection for primary implantors are small. Usually under 2%. But it happens like knees, hips, and pacemakers. My advice – work with your implantor and follow instructions. Even when you work with your implantor, you may need to undergo immediate replacement of the implant or even removal of the implant due to infection. If left without an implant after infection and you desire another implant, your penis will almost certainly be shorter.

Loss of penile tissue or penile gangrene is an infrequent complication. One of my patients, who used his implant ten days after surgery, lost a portion of penile tissue. Find a well-trained implantor, follow his or her instructions, and you can avoid this catastrophic complication.

I hope this has been a relatively comprehensive review of penile implants with few or none of my inherent bias tainting the reality. It’s hard not to be biased when I think penile implants are the greatest thing since peanut butter and sliced bread but I did my best. No man needs to suffer from impotence unless he so desires. There’s a generation of implantors waiting to help you if you wish. The procedure can be a walk in the park, or it can be disastrous. Proper diagnosis of ED leads to prompt and appropriate treatment. Positive expectations assist in the patient’s overall satisfaction, and correct choice of your surgeon will help pave the way to an active sex life. I hope this brief synopsis of our surgical approach to the treatment of ED helps you on your voyage to health.